Newsletter – January 2013

While some folks ease their way into a new year, we like to attack full steam ahead. So far this week we have struck two shows, the set for 2013Phamaly’s The Foreigner is taking shape on the mainstage, plans for our  2013/14 season announcement are underway, promotional photos have been shot for Consider the Oyster, production meetings are being held, winter classes are starting and Bobbie is as busy as ever answering the phonesand filling ticket orders.

 But, in spite of the whir of activity, there is a happy calm in air. A calm that comes from knowing that what we do touches people in sometimes magical and unexpected ways. When just one person exclaims (in person or on a comment card) that they were moved or motivated by something they’ve witnessed here, we know we’ve done good. Apparently, we did real good in 2012.

 We can’t predict the weather. We can’t predict who’s going to win the Super Bowl. And we can’t predict the price of gasoline. But we can predict that great things are going to happen at the Fox in 2013. We look forward to creating and sharing more magical moments with all of you.

Happy New Year.

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