Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Have you heard Native American folklore referring to a large hairy primate? Those stories were handed down perhaps over thousands of years by oral tradition. Did the stories begin as fiction and morph in the retelling or is there truthful cultural memory of the creature? A person living today does not have to have first hand experience for something to be accepted as fact in their culture.

Is the Patterson-Gimlin film authentic? The one you have probably seen: 1967, large female biped striding along a river and turning to look back at the camera. That is the modern American myth. The evidence is sound to some, inconclusive to others and absolute proof of a hoax to many.

Do you have romantic hypotheses regarding the extinction of Gigantopithicus, a large ape, known in the fossil record but uncertain as to its size, locomotion and date of extinction perhaps within the last 100,000 years?

Every person has a unique gray area between fact and faith. How much proof is required to convince you one way or the other? Have we searched the great North American forests thoroughly enough to prove it does not exist? Does the lack of a corpse prove it does not exist? Are grainy photos, eyewitness accounts and old legends enough to prove it does? “Truth” and “fact” have become more elusive in recent months; is it enough to just believe?

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by Charles Packard

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