Little Foxes presents Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

Book by Judy Blume
Adapted for the Stage by Bruce Mason

Director: Lisa Mumpton

In Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, Peter Hatcher and his best pal face down their archenemy-Peter’s little brother Fudge in this hilarious tale of growing up.

Auditions will be held Saturday, April 29th between 10AM and 4PM, and Sunday April 30th between 5:30PM and 8PM.  Auditions are by appointment only.  Sign up for a time by clicking  Sign Up For Auditions!

Children ages 6-18 may audition.

Please prepare a 1 minute memorized monologue from a published play. Parents will not be permitted in the auditorium during auditions, but may wait in the lobby.

Rehearsals will be weekday mornings beginning June 5th. Performances run July 11-July 28th, 2017. No rehearsals will be held July 1-4th. All auditions, rehearsals and performances will be at the Aurora Fox.


Peter : Male, 8-13

the protagonist of the play, smart, assertive, but seemingly naive; most of the play focuses on his relationship with Fudge, the fact that he is the perceived source of his troubles, and that his parents seem to let Fudge get away with anything and everything, believes his parents show Fudge preferential treatment.

Fudge : Male, 6-9

resented by his older brother Peter, he has a very active imagination, others like Sheila Tubman and the wife of one of his father’s clients often adore him.

Mr. Warren Hatcher : Male, 12-18

father of Peter and Fudge, husband of Anne, works at an unnamed advertising agency, whose major client is Juicy-O (a fruit beverage that the Hatchers find rather noxious-tasting), a loving father, who wants what is best for his family, he is more conservative in rearing his sons than Anne, particularly Fudge.

Mr. Yarby : Male, 12-18

Juicy-O company president from Chicago, he and his wife are staying at the Hatchers’ apartment, which results in Fudge unknowingly causing trouble with them, which makes the Yarbys furious with the family, taking away Mr. Hatcher’s Juicy-O account

Mr. George Vincent : Male, 11-18

the president of the Toddle Bike company, chooses Fudge to star in the new commercial for his product, but gets furious when Fudge doesn’t act on cue, almost always smoking a big cigar, a bit pushy and over the top.

Ralph : Male, 6-9

one of Fudge’s original friends, lives in the same apartment building, loves food, very large-bodied to the point his own mother can’t lift him.

Sam : Male, 6-9

one of Fudge’s original friends, lives in the same apartment building, went through a stage of having nearly every phobia possible, but got over that by the end of Fudge’s third birthday party.

Mrs. Anne Hatcher : Female, 12-18

caring mother of Peter and Fudge, wife of Warren, shows love and devotion to her family, very protective of Fudge, her sometimes overprotective ways with Fudge can cause problems for Peter.

Mrs. Yarby : Female, 12-18

the Juicy-O company president’s wife, from Chicago, she is staying at the Hatchers’ apartment, is well-meaning, very sensitive to little children.

Sheila Tubman : Female, 8-13

classmate of Peter and Jimmy, lives with her family in the same apartment building as the Hatchers, Peter is annoyed at the very thought of her, considers her to be a bossy know-it-all, who still has cooties, at times she babysits Fudge.

Jennie : Female, 6-9

one of Fudge’s original friends, lives in the same apartment building, described by Peter as a mini-vampire, since she likes to bite people and is also quite rude, she annoys Anne Hatcher and even urinates on the rug, dislikes it when she can’t have things her way.

Dr. Brown : Males & Females, 8-18

the family dentist, very clever in figuring out how to examine the reluctant Fudge’s mouth via Peter.

Mr/Mrs. Berman : Males & Females, 8-18

a funny shoe salesman at Bloomingdales, knows Peter, Fudge, and Mrs. Hatcher, Peter likes him.

Dr. Cone : Males & Females, 8-18

present for the rescue when Fudge swallows Peter’s turtle, Dribble.

Nurse : Female, 8-18

Dr. Brown’s assistant, very sweet.

Jimmy Fargo : Male, 8-12

Peter’s best friend, he and Peter share an equal dislike for Sheila Tubman, at times seems to resent Fudge, glad he is an only child.

Additional Roles Include:



First Mother

Second Mother


Mr. Denberg


First Ambulance Driver

Second Ambulance Driver

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact the box office at 303-739-1970.

Location: Aurora Fox Arts Center
The Aurora Fox Little Foxes make a triumphant return to the stage in the summer of 2017!  The Little Foxes program has been providing education and entertainment by kids for kids for over 30 years.

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