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Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Have you heard Native American folklore referring to a large hairy primate? Those stories were handed down perhaps over thousands of years by oral tradition. Did the stories begin as fiction and morph in the retelling or is there truthful cultural memory of the creature? A person living today does not have to have first […]

Who Tells Whose Story?

I was in my office late one evening last week. The sounds of a Porgy and Bess rehearsal began. Stage door slamming, greetings, music, laughing, hubbub. The stage manager barked something to bring attention to the piano; and the piano started playing. Part-by-part, baritones, tenors, altos and sopranos repeated back the Gershwins’ melodies. I had to get […]

Production Ramping Back Up at The Fox

Production is finally ramping back up at The Fox. During the summer we’ve been working on lots of projects for long-term success. We are participating in programs and policies with Shelley McKittrick, the City of Aurora’s new Homelessness Program Director, and doing a major overhaul of business practices and policies. If you think business practices […]

How Do You Quantify a Henry?

The 11th Annual Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award nominations were announced in June. Named for long-time Denver theater icon Henry Lowenstein, The Henry’s honor outstanding achievements in the Colorado theater community in the last season, and are known locally as the Tony Awards of Denver. A Henry is the highest honor in Colorado Theater today, […]

There’s an Eerie Silence at The Fox

There is an eerie silence at The Fox today. It will extend out many weeks. Through a combination of fluke and design The Fox is dark. We have classes and some rentals and advance work in the scene shop and offices, but the stages are dark. They will stay dark for the summer. I wrote […]

About Season 32

I have built quite a pleasant life for myself. And so have you. We have collected together. We have established norms that let us feel comfortable with each other. We protect and reinforce our way of life. We’ve used modern media to tighten our circles, to invite the like-minded to form coalitions and parties. We […]

We Need To Talk About Race

The Fox subscribes to the concept of non-traditional casting. That means that when the ethnicity of a character is irrelevant to the telling of the story and fulfilling of the playwright’s vision, actors of any ethnicity should be considered for casting. Beyond ethnicity, that concept also applies to age, appearance, physical ability and gender identity. […]

Which Sister Are You?

Which of the Little Women sister are you? This is a fair question even if you are not from the 19th Century, 14 years old or a girl. All of us at The Fox have been asking each other this question since we we started comparing Little Women scripts well over a year ago. The […]

Storytellers and Monsters

The millennia old traditions of storytelling experienced a revolution in the 1970’s in America. Until then, storytelling primarily consisted of a “teller” and a “listener.” Then, the “player” was added. Dungeons and Dragons formalized the structure of “player”-based storytelling and perfected the use of 2nd person, present-tense where elaborate rules governed everything from which dice to […]