Charles Packard

Every great Broadway show eventually closes. Cats, Les Miz and even Hamilton will someday grow tired, then exhausted, and then close.              When they are gone we remember what was amazing and how we felt in the audience, how those stories changed our hearts. They become part of theatre history. Our future efforts will all […]

Aurora Fox Arts Center continues to stretch its artistic wings

Can a mid-western family-businessman expect success in the vast Chinese market? Daniel Cavanaugh is disillusioned when he quickly realizes the language barrier is perhaps the smallest of his hurdles. Business practices, culture, customs and government involvement all thwart Cavanaugh’s immense faith in himself. The artists at The Fox didn’t know how hard it could be. […]

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Have you heard Native American folklore referring to a large hairy primate? Those stories were handed down perhaps over thousands of years by oral tradition. Did the stories begin as fiction and morph in the retelling or is there truthful cultural memory of the creature? A person living today does not have to have first […]

Actor Jack Casperson: Jack of all Trades

Jack Casperson was born in Denver on the same day Orson Welles broadcast his classic radio program The War of the Worlds. He has lived in Aurora for the past 14 years. In addition to acting, playwrighting and directing for stage, screen and radio, Jack has repossessed cars, run an art gallery, framed pictures, hung […]

Meet Tracy Camp

It is rare that The Aurora Fox brings talent in from out of town, but it is also rare to take on a show as challenging as “Porgy and Bess.” Producer Charles Packard says that it is in fact extremely rare to see a fully staged version and Colorado audiences have never seen it in […]

Porgy and Bess

Who Tells Whose Story?

I was in my office late one evening last week. The sounds of a Porgy and Bess rehearsal began. Stage door slamming, greetings, music, laughing, hubbub. The stage manager barked something to bring attention to the piano; and the piano started playing. Part-by-part, baritones, tenors, altos and sopranos repeated back the Gershwins’ melodies. I had to get […]

Is it OK to talk about sex?

Dracula is sexy. Both as a character and as a show. It is also violent in the old school bloody stake-through-the-heart kind of way. I brought my eight-year-old daughter to rehearsal to help gauge what age the show is appropriate for. After looking at a few scenes she announced: “Definitely no kid under twelve should […]


Production Ramping Back Up at The Fox

Production is finally ramping back up at The Fox. During the summer we’ve been working on lots of projects for long-term success. We are participating in programs and policies with Shelley McKittrick, the City of Aurora’s new Homelessness Program Director, and doing a major overhaul of business practices and policies. If you think business practices […]

Finding Your Passion

I recently had an opportunity to meet with high school students considering careers in the arts. It’s not hard for 17-year-old kids to tell you what they are passionate about. And, at their age, I believe in feeding that passion, let them try everything until they are certain what their thing is. Science, business and […]

How Do You Quantify a Henry?

The 11th Annual Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award nominations were announced in June. Named for long-time Denver theater icon Henry Lowenstein, The Henry’s honor outstanding achievements in the Colorado theater community in the last season, and are known locally as the Tony Awards of Denver. A Henry is the highest honor in Colorado Theater today, […]

There’s an Eerie Silence at The Fox

There is an eerie silence at The Fox today. It will extend out many weeks. Through a combination of fluke and design The Fox is dark. We have classes and some rentals and advance work in the scene shop and offices, but the stages are dark. They will stay dark for the summer. I wrote […]