Charles Packard

Every great Broadway show eventually closes. Cats, Les Miz and even Hamilton will someday grow tired, then exhausted, and then close.

             When they are gone we remember what was amazing and how we felt in the audience, how those stories changed our hearts. They become part of theatre history. Our future efforts will all build on their innovations in theme, composition, style, technique and technology. The theatre’s achievements next season are not possible without the closings of this season. We learn, we grow, and as an industry and art form, we shift and develop as the years go by.

             I have grown tired, then exhausted and it has come time to close. In the 19 years I’ve been at the Fox we have had a few failures, many successes and tremendous growth. The audience has changed and the neighborhood has changed. I have grown as an artist.

            I will be spending the next few months “in the sandwich”. My parents are aging and my kids are growing fast. I will be with them while my artistic and public servant batteries recharge.

             The City of Aurora has not yet identified a successor. No arts organization should become dependent on the presence of any single mind. That is true of The Fox. Gary, Jen, Beau, Brandon, Jeremiah and dozens of artists are still here working hard on the 33rd season. Soon a new Producer will emerge and he or she will build on our accomplishments. He or she will find their own innovations and growth. To that person I say Break A Leg! and to you I promise that you can continue to expect great things from The Aurora Fox.


Charles Packard

former Executive Producer, The Aurora Fox

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