We are nearing the end of our amazing 32nd Season ‘Life on the Margins of Polite Society’

The intent of the season was to examine ourselves and the groups we form for safety and comfort. We have reflected on those tight-knit groups of like-minded people we hold dear. Our polite society.

We have been introduced to others. To those left on our margins, the different, the foreign, the newcomer. We have seen that those individuals are at the center of their own hard spheres.

Last September I asked you to deliberately engage your own margins. To soften your shells, to consider others from their point of view. I asked you to learn, invite and accept them.

We now conclude our season with the regional premiere of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. A celebration of the LGBTQ+ culture that has won battles and made tremendous advancements since the film version was released in 1994. The characters in Priscilla invite you to join in on the party.

This past year has reminded us of how far we have yet to go. How quickly we humans can re-circle the wagons when cultural conflict occurs. Please remember and reflect on your experiences at The Fox this season. Know where your margins are. Soften. Expand. Invite and Accept. Create a more polite society.

I will see you at the Theater.

Charles Packard
Executive Producer