Build the Box!

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THINK outside the BOX! Help us COMPLETE the BOX at the FOX! 

 The Aurora Fox is taking a major step in 2010 and beyond . . . as you may know, we built a new 75 seat black box theatre, called the Studio Theatre, dedicated to presenting emerging actors and playwrights, The new Studio Theatre allows us to expand our seasonal offerings and to provide a new venue for theatre companies in the metro area.  The new black box theatre is located in the Aurora Fox rehearsal space and designed so we can continue to use the space for rehearsals during the week and for performances on the weekends.

To help us complete the BOX, we are continuing our fund raising program, entitled I Built the BOX!  Our goal is to raise $15,000 per year over a three year period.  First year funds went toward building the BOX and second and third year funds will go toward staging our own Aurora Fox productions in the BOX.  At the conclusion of the three years, increased ticket sales should cover the additional cost.

As one of fifty individuals and businesses who will each agree to contribute $300 each year over a three year period, you will be designated THE BOX BUILDERS and will receive special  benefits plus your names will be prominently and permanently displayed in a special  area set aside in the new black box Studio Theatre.

With your help, the Aurora Fox will continue to build our progressive and competitive theater program – one of the best in the metro area!   We want the Aurora Fox to be a source of pride for Aurora, and a program that other communities in the metro area admire.

Please join the Aurora Fox I Built the BOX at the FOX! campaign today and see your support raise a whole new generation of theatre artists.

Rick and Vicki Allen     

Judith and David Barrow     

John and Ellen Barry    

Jerry and Linda Berry

Ray and Sue Bodis    

Rahim and Salima Dadani       

Margaret Day       

Terri and Robert Gehler

Laura Henriksen and Jack Oskay   

KQ and Kamala   

Alice Lee Main     

Molly Markert    

Ken and Sharon Melcher    

Thomas and Tanya Nicholas   

Charles Dean Packard

Julie and David Patterson  

George and Barbara Peck  

LaVerna Pierce-Sierra   

Brad  Pierce and Margee Cannon    

Peter L. Sachs    

Keith C. Schnip       

David Smith and Candy Riemer     

Frank and Pat Weddig

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