Educational Theatre Programs

Help your child succeed in school and in life through hands-on participation in art, dance, music, history and drama.

Benefits of Theatre Education:

* direct links to history, social studies, literacy, writing & composition & public speaking
* exposure to a variety of mediums: reading, writing, research, discussion,  movement & the spoken word
* opportunity to explore our rich & diverse cultural heritage
* encourages parental involvement


Our instructors have between 10 & 20 years of experience teaching the arts to youth in a classroom setting. We invite you to ask questions and observe our instructors in action & to tour our facilities.


The Aurora Fox offers a variety of educational and performance experiences to young people 4-18 and adults. Students learn the principles and techniques of drama and theatre arts and how to apply those principles and techniques to enrich their understanding of a wide variety of disciplines and experiences.


To provide high quality and innovative theatre arts education and training which is taught by theatre professionals and teaching artists, to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, and to help our students develop skills and broaden their horizons as artists and members of the community.


By providing quality in-school and out-of-school arts programming, The Aurora Fox:

* creates a new generation of artists, patrons, community members and informed citizens;
* teaches positive interpersonal and communication skills;
* provides an avenue of expression for young people who are often denied a voice.

For more information: Lisa Mumpton (303) 739-6520  /  www.
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