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Get Involved with the Aurora Fox by joining our Ambassador Program.

At the Fox we are passionate about reconnecting you to your creativity and your passion. Come Join Us!

How to become an Ambassador:

Choose your Ambassador Assignment

Our goal is to keep this easy and fun for you. All you need to do is to pick one of these three activities and do it consistently for each show for one entire season.  We will explain these tasks in detail at our meetings and any time you questions about any of these tasks, or anything happening at the Fox, all you have to do is call Patricia at the Aurora Fox for personal attention and support.

As an ambassador you choose ONE task. You are welcome to do more if you are inspired, but our goal here is consistency throughout the season, so please pick something that is easy and fun for you and that you are happy to commit to doing throughout the year as your primary volunteer task.

  • Audience Review
    In the old days, people wanted to know what critics said about arts performances; today people want to know what people like them think. Our goal is to make genuine audience reactions easily available to the general public. And in order to do that, we need some audience members to become reviewers.  For people who choose this task we want you to write your honest opinions, both the good and the bad in a short format of no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs. Then we want you to post this review with a picture on a user review website. We will help you choose what site and train you how to post your review.  After that, all you have to do come see each show any night of the first two weekends of our run and then post your review on the website you chose. If you like the idea of being an audience reviewer but do not want to post your review online, talk to Patricia and let’s see if we can together brainstorm another place where you might be able to consistently submit your review, such as a community newsletter or similar outlet.


  • Invite and attend with 2 paying people who have never been to the Fox before
    People tend to attend theatre as a result of a personal invitation more than any other reason. Since obviously our staff, design teams, and cast members can personally invite only so many people and give them the attention they deserve, this is where you come in. For people who choose this task we want you to commit to bringing two people with you to see each of our shows on the first weekend of each performance run. In addition we ask that you do not bring the same two people each time, but instead include new people in the excitement offered at the Fox each time. This means that over a year’s time we are expecting you to personally attend with a total of 10-12 people who are new to the Fox and help them get to know us. These audience members will need to pay full ticket price, but all the people you invite will get special perks such as free concession items, gift certificates for dining out before the shoxw (and other surprises).


  • Community Networking Presentation
    Fewer and fewer people are reading and responding to advertisements in traditional sources such as newspapers and magazines today, but more and more people are looking for genuinely relaxing and fun ways to get out of the house and add a little excitement to their lives. The key is that they need someone they already know and trust to tell them about legitimate opportunities for entertainment and connection. That is where you come in.  For people who want to choose this task we are looking for people who are already connected to an organized group or community that will allow them to easily make a simple personal presentation or announcement for each show in the season. People who host regular community groups, classes, networking meetings or social outings are perfect, as are people who are the organizers of large internet community groups with local members looking to get out and connect in the real world. For this task you would need to either:
  1. Personally speak before your group for 2-3 minutes per performance about the upcoming show, your experiences at the Aurora Fox, and the themes, ideas or special cool surprises associated with the show for each show in the season. (Don’t worry! Patricia will help you develop exactly what to say so that it is fun and interesting and relevant to your group and not just an infomercial.)
  2. If you are the host of an online community, post a detailed announcement with links to video samples or audio podcasts with the artistic staff (Partricia will supply) in a highly visible place within your online community starting at least 1 week prior to the opening of the show.

For either choice, we also want you to come have fun with us and see the show during the first two weeks of the run, so that if members of your community ask your thoughts you can share your honest opinions with them.

Share With Us Your Ideas, Opinions and Observations

As the title implies Ambassadors help make connections, and those connections go both ways. We believe in the work we do at the Aurora Fox and know it is a great place that fosters passion, connection and creativity, but we cannot achieve that vision by ourselves, and we cannot do it without deeply listening to our community. You can help us do that. What are we doing right?…What are we doing wrong?…What do we just not know or have we failed to notice? Your feedback, both from your personal experience and from your connections within the community are vitally important to us. Tell us everything! You can share your thoughts in the lobby at one of the shows, at our two annual meetings, or by just picking up the phone and calling us. As an Ambassador you are an official and respected member of our team.

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