People are telling us they LOVE the Fox!

Saw The Wedding Singer on opening night.  Had a wonderful time.  My husband and I had more fun than at shows for 5 times the price (or more). For around $20 on a Friday night and $3 Wine/Beer in north east Aurora, it doesn’t get better than this. We are excited to bring our teenager back to see some shows and possibly some summer classes.
– Sarah M.

I love love love this place! Have seen many productions and I am always impressed with the talent of the actors and the friendliness of the staff.  I think that it’s the best kept secret in Aurora, I just want to SHOUT and YELP that everyone should go see a play at the Aurora Fox Theater!
– A.L.

Marie“I love coming to The Fox. Everyone is so friendly and it’s my chance to get out in the neighborhood and connect with real people and see things live. I’m so tired of everything being virtual. You don’t need 3D glasses when you go to the Fox, it’s already in 3D. I brought my neighbor and we had a wonderful time!”
– Marie Addleman




Beki“I love that the Fox lets you bring your wine and cookies to your seat.”
– Beki Pineda




“It was great to see you last night and to be able to speak to you and Charles. We all thought it was a wonderful production and, and Charles already knew, a daring choice that we believe paid off.

What wonderful staging, using minimal pieces–like strips of cloth representing a circus tent and the carousel (no more details to protect the people who still haven’t seen it). Such an imaginative way to help the audience envision the impressions of a young boy. The production captured the fear, awe, excitement and forbidden joys of a young man remembering slipping away with his best friend to see the carnival as a pre-teen. While the audience may be a bit bewildered at the end of the first act, the second pulls the story together without losing the “shock & awe” of the first. The poignant father/son dialogues are fantastic as a centerpiece for the deep feelings we had at that tender age. The special effects are perfect; simple and elegant while honoring the confusion that the passage of time leaves in all of us.

There will always be people who want a “quick fix” and a “clear storyline” who will most likely be disappointed in this play, as Ray Bradbury wants his stories to unfold in layers. To those folks, this may not be the best play for you but give it a try.

In summation; on the way home my Dad said he wanted to think about the production. Assuming that he was bewildered by the play, I recommended he find a copy of the story to read. His response was that he wanted to review the production without being “polluted” by the book–that the play stood on its own and deserved more contemplation to fully appreciate the thoroughness. I couldn’t have said it better!

– Cat Bloom

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