The Aurora Fox Equity Founders Circle

Charter Members

Beginning in 2007, the thirty individuals and businesses listed below have committed to support the Aurora Fox’s Equity Agreement by each contributing $500 each year for a three year period.  The Aurora Fox Board thanks you for your valuable support!

Lawrence N. Beer

Jerry and Linda Berry

Sue and Ray Bodis

Roger and Linda Bowman

Bob and Ruth Broom

Margaret Day

Delphic Investigative Services

Terri and Robert Gehler

Mike and Margie Hardin

Steve and Becky Hogan

Manuel E. (Gene) Jackson

Don and Ingrid Lindemann

Loretta and Dale Lindsey

Lowry Redevelopment Authority

Alice Lee Main

Anne McKown

Ken and Sharon Melcher

Dale and Terri Mingilton

Fred and Karen Pasternack

Barbara and George Peck

Michael Peterson

Brad Pierce and Margee Cannon

Su and Jerome Ryden

Robert and Barbara Salisbury

Keith C. Schnip

Pamela K and Sidney W Spry

Eric and Elizabeth Staton

Ludvik and Katherine Svoboda

Dwight Taylor and Mary Mollicone

Richard Wagoner

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